Helping TIC Owners Maximize the Value of their Assets

TIC Asset Management Services

leasingThe role of the Asset Manager is to interact closely with all TIC Co-Owners and the lender to develop and execute management strategies, facilitate group decision making, and provide clear and transparent reporting that meets the needs of all Owners and the lender. As Asset Manager, FGG will interact with TIC Owners and the lender regardless of their location primarily through email, conference calls, on-site visits (as needed), and frequent reporting which will be archived in a secure repository for access on a protected password basis.

The Asset Manager will also oversee the selection and management of local property management and leasing resources through a rigorous bidding process and tightly monitor performance to meet overall property strategies as well as the needs of Owners and the lender.

A key responsibility of the Asset Manager is to take a strategic view of each property and oversee all short-term activities to achieve maximum long term value for the Ownership—plus oversee refinancing and sales options as needed.

  • Owner Conference Calls
  • Contract and Bid Negotiations
  • Due Diligence
  • Marketing & Leasing Valuation Analysis
  • Property Management & Lease Administration
  • Receivership
  • Accounting Services
  • Asset Disposition
  • Broker Opinion of Value (BOV)